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Sitges is launching a campaign to detect and sanction illegal tourist homes

The City Council has created a specialized team dedicated exclusively to locating possible illegal tourist homes, investigating them and, finally, opening disciplinary proceedings.

The City Council will begin next week the preparatory phase to develop the campaign that will detect illegal tourist housing in Sitges before the start of the summer and the gradual elimination of restrictions on confinement.

To carry out this task, a team is created made up of a group of specialized people who will be dedicated to locating tourist homes through the crossing of data and the tracking of platforms and advertisements on the Internet. A lawyer focused on drawing up and monitoring the sanctioning files will also be part of it.

For the mayoress of Sitges and councilor for Tourism, Aurora Carbonell, “this is an issue that we have been working on for a long time with the aim of protecting the quality tourist offer and with all the guarantees” . The mayoress adds that “the quality of our tourist offer and its enhancement is especially important now, in the context of the economic crisis that the tourism sector is experiencing, a sector that is central to Sitges and that provides employment, directly or indirectly. indirect, to many of our neighbors ”.

The councilor responsible for the Activities Discipline Service, Guillem Escolà, explained that “the location of these homes that operate illegally in Sitges is vital for the protection of the Sitges economy but also for the protection of the people who hire them, as these homes are not subject to the controls and protection measures against contagion to which the legal tourism businesses are subject, for example ”. Guillem Escolà emphasizes that “the service will start next week. During the first 15 days, the service will be implemented, training will be carried out and then the tracking, data collection and finally the first sanctioning proceedings will be processed ”.

The service will work first through an automatic tracking that will be done 4 times a week of all the web pages where tourist homes are usually offered, then those that are illegal will be identified and the necessary evidence will be collected to to be able to take the sanctioning action.

From the Councillor for Housing, Júlia Vigó, “this is a measure that promotes the residential use of housing, a measure that in Sitges is important enough given the characteristics of the housing market.”

(Original in Catalan: sitges.cat/serveis/habitatge/actualitat/noticies/sitges-inicia-una-campanya-de-deteccio-i-sancio-d2019habitatges-turistics-il-legals)

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