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4th June 2013 – New Spanish Property Rental Laws & Rules

Cve: BOE-A-2013-5941 STATE OFFICIAL NEWSLETTER No. 134 Wednesday, June 5, 2013 Sec. I ENGLISH (google translate) To that effect by the court clerk if, in accordance with the terms Provided for in Article 440 (3), shall pay the actor or make available to him Court or notarially, within the time… Read more »

AirBNB Catalonia Barcelona Regulations Article

POSSIBLE REQUIREMENTS Must be registered in the Tourist Registry and Town Hall ​List your registration number​ in advert​ (or risk 300€ fine)​ Analyze the property deeds for restrictive terms Inform and communicate with the neighbors Cooperate with ​any inspection ​by​ city council ​R​enovat​e if ​required for compliance Only owner can… Read more »

Sitges Major Property Development : La Plana De Sitges

It appears that the council ‘moved the goal posts’ recently and took 70% of the land. Along with a plan to restrict tourist holiday rentals in the newly formed area (read more…). La Plana 650 official protection apartments (social housing units) out of a total of 1,600 planned (10% of… Read more »

Investment & Property Advice in Sitges

Check out companies offering advice or sales Spanish SL company  Via ‘’ Ensure recent accounts have been filed properly Dredit rating via ‘’ or similar Search Google for directors, (previous companies) UK LTD Company Via Ensure recent accounts have been filed properly Credit rating via ‘’ or similar Search… Read more »

Sterling to Euro Property Purchase

Sterling to Euro Property Purchase

It’s hard to justify a purchase, what costs 10% of your potential profit to buy. During times, Spanish & Catalan properties, are not going up as much. Especially if the Sterling to Euro exchange rate, also costs you 15 to 100% of it’s value! 2016: updates will be made to… Read more »